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Process Control Instruments

KRISVIM is dealing with marketing, installation, commissioning and calibration of different process control instruments including all parameters such as level, pressure; flow; and temperature for wide application in many commercial establishments and industrial applications with cost effective methods.

KRISVIM products are aesthetic, reliable, safe, non-toxic and environmental friendly. Krisvim Group is an accredited supplier, exporter, trader & distributor of Process Control Instruments. We have the capability, expertise, equipment and relevant accreditations to undertake calibration of a wide range of instruments.


Flow measurement is the quantification of bulk fluid movement. Flow can be measured in a variety of ways. Flow measuring instruments in different specifications to suit specific applications and demands. Customized serial versions can be provided with special factory-adjusted switching points.

Flow measuring instruments includes:

  • Electro Magnetic Flow Meter
  • Mechanical Diesel Flow Meter
  • Digital Diesel Flow Meter
  • Vortex Flow Meter
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Level switches are the easy and reliable solution for monitoring fluid levels. The time-tested Float principle and a potential-free contact as the signaling transmitter guarantee a high level of Operational safety. With so many technologies, products and parameters to consider, selecting the best technology for level measurement can be challenging. Level measuring instruments


  • Level Transmitter
  • Capacitive Level Transmitter
  • Level Gauge / Indicator
  • Magnetic Level Indicator
  • Level Switch


Moderate pressure can be measured with sufficient accuracy by using simple pressure gauges like U-tube manometers. But when very low or high pressures are to be measured with high accuracy, advanced and more complex gauges are required. High accuracy in signal acquisition is achieved by using high-performance measuring cells with electronic linearization procedures and ease of use is assured by innovative design and advanced technology

Pressure measuring instruments includes:

  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter


We all measure it, in most cases even on a daily basis, and we rely on using measuring Instruments to help us with measuring the temperature. We offer the full range of measuring Instruments – optimally calibrated and compliant with standards – to meet individual Requirements in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, in laboratories and in the area of heating, Ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration and for all other industrial purposes.

Temperature Measuring instruments include:

  • Infra Red Laser Gun
  • Temperature Sensors


Under this section we cover an extensive range varying from small tools (Vernier Calipers and Micrometers up to 2000mm, Depth Gauges and Depth Micrometers, Height Gauges etc,), Limit Gauges such as Threaded and Plain Rings/Plugs/Pins, Snap Gauges, Feeler Gauges, Laser Scan Micrometers etc., to calibration of Gauge Blocks, Caliper Checkers, Height Masters etc. We also carry out Angular Measurement work such as calibration of Protectors, Inclinometers and Precision Levels.


These products are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and quality raw material. Environmental protection, consistent product quality, process optimization and safety are just a few reasons why liquid analysis is becoming increasingly essential. Liquids such as water, beverages, dairy products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals have to be analyzed day in and day out. We support you in fulfilling all these measuring tasks with application know-how and cutting-edge technologies


Krisvim Group has newly introduced a “MOBILE FUEL DISPENSER”, a Portable device used for accurate fuel measuring and metering at dispensing Time and also for fuel theft detection. This comes both in Digital & Mechanical Mode.



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