Permanent Recruitment

Krisvim HR Service understands the successful permanent recruitment involves more than simply sourcing candidates with the skills and experience to do the job. We have dedicated team on providing permanent staff with a price structure and capability offering real value for money.

Krisvim’s approach is to understand both the professional and personal attributes that will determine an individual’s success in your organization.

All candidates are interviewed here before presenting to you. This is our jobs to ensure that candidates presented to you have a real desire to work for you.We will never present you the unsuitable candidates.

We are committed to obtaining detailed information about your requirements and adopting proper selection procedures. For each assignment, we will work with the client to understand the company’s organizational structure, objectives and culture, as well as the detailed objectives, duties and outcomes associated with the position. This helps to identify exact candidates.


Krisvim HR service offers good solutions to the exact requirements of our clients. We aim at providing total manpower solutions to our clients with a highly customized approach.

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Krisvim Marketing and Services have large collection of excellent products.We are able to meet the needs of any customer.

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Our integrated solutions offer value for our customers

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